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an ode to 90’s Johnny…

a lil’ Johnny Depp flashback….






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let it be…

Never expect,

never assume,

never ask & never demand.

Just let it be.

Because if it is mean to be,

it will happen,

the way you want things to be.



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…a lil’ blue

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Kindness is always fashionable…


…well said Rachel Roy.


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The February’s of your life

To give you a little snippet of my writing,  I thought I’d share something from my first writing class. We had to finish a story starting with the classic opener “Once upon a time…” and had to list the six memories from the February’s of “your” life. I decided to focus on the little ‘firsts’ and milestones that people experience in life.

Once upon a time…there lived a little girl full of light and love whose infectious giggle could fill a room with amazement. Who…took her first steps on her 1st Birthday…was apprehensive on her first day of school…fell hard for her first crush…had her first sip of champagne…unexpectedly passed her first driving test…was heartbroken by her first love…These are the memories from the February’s of her life…and it’s only just the beginning. Her first breakthrough.







Christopher Bailey…you’ve done it again

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My Dream Office Space

During my daily blog scrollage, I came across this fabulous office space (well, it’s actually a desk for a pre-teen, but I digress…). It was styled by blogger Habitually Chic for Microsoft. I would love my office space to be this girly and pretty…and tidy for that matter. I figured since I still buy my Kleenex in Disney packs for kids, and had my room a fuchsia pink till I was 18, it would be very fitting.

FYI, I still use pink stationary for everything, from books to my bookbag, to my drink bottle and pencil case….it’s just my thing.