post-graduate…a lil’ retrospective

I remember my fist thought after the introductory lecture to my final post-graduate course, Graduate Communication Management Project…’before I choose my topic I should consult my favourite investigative journalist. Josie Geller’. In her first article for the Chicago Sun Times, she opened with “In order to write well, you have to write what you know. And this is what I know”[1]. So…the topic I chose was close to my own experiences growing up in a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) community. Living with my grandmother for a few years, I felt I had first hand experience in what it took to communicate within the elderly CaLD community. They are a tight knit bunch, where people tend to know everybody’s business, to which I can affirm in one statement: “the weekly Saturday morning shop at Torrensville Foodland” and to take poetic license on a quote from ‘Looking for Alibrandi’,  “Telstra would go broke if it weren’t for the [Greeks]”…so anyways…

…I was excited. I was prepared. And I was so scared to write the research report. I had only one saving grace. My insatiable love of databases. I could quite possibly write a small novel, containing over 5000 references for that I am sure, on how to pull as much information from my good friends at EBSCO, Emerald, SAGE, Infomit et al as possible. ‘This will surely get me through these initial tentative stages’, I said to myself, where the mere thought of conducting an extensive literature review left me more giddy than worrisome. I also came to the conclusion that on completion of this paper, and free access to said databases would cease, I will completely rip out all the necessary content I will need for future fashion blogging articles…Nerdy? Hells Yeah. Legal? Hmm not so sure…But I digress. Forgive me, the mere thought of databases does that to me.


So after organising my placement I started to feel a little apprehensive about the whole experience. I think it was a combination of moving forward into the unknown and getting out of my comfort zone. I saw this, however, as a chance to grow within myself both personally and professionally. It was a good opportunity to give me a taste of what life could be like after I finish the course and embark on my career in Communications and Public Relations.

After my placement came to an end, I was looking forward to getting my teeth into writing the report and analysing my data. I was excited, but I also starting to feel a little nostalgic about the whole post-graduate university experience coming to an end. Now, without sounding like an X Factor contestant who has just been booted off and is recapping in a poignant montage, I really felt that this project had been a real journey for me and I have come full circle. Admittedly there were plenty of ups and downs throughout this process. However, I honestly believe that it enabled me to grow. Through this course I have rediscovered my love for writing, something for which I will be forever in its debt.

…On a side note, since I dedicated six months to the CaLD perspective, I thought about what languages I have come to learn over the years. Apart from the obvious English, I am also fluent in Grenglish [a hybrid of Greek and English that is considered completely acceptable within Australia], briefly dabbled in Italian and Chinese in Primary school [albeit compulsory courses which I can really only remember ‘Ni Hao’, ‘Ciao’ and the endless tales of ‘Pinocchio’] and through writing this lil’ retrospective I have also discovered that I speak fluent Movie Quotes and am very well versed in Pop Culture…after all, isn’t that the essence of relating to a diverse twenty first century public.

And on that note, thank you and goodnight.

It was a pleasure Graduate Communication Management Project.




[1] NB. Josie Geller is not a real investigative journalist, but a fictional character in the 1999 Drew Barrymore vehicle ‘Never Been Kissed’. FYI…Fabulous movie. Highly recommend.


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