Coco Chanel vs. Mary-Kate Olsen. A Fash-Off or Fash-Faux Pas?

Coco Chanel once said that before you leave the house you should take off one piece of jewellery. This is a fabulous piece of advice from one of the most elegant and effortlessly stylish women in fashion second to none.  As I am an advocate for the final ‘Edit’ to any outfit, I thought about this for a minute, and this shot of Mary-Kate Olsen came to mind. Ironically carrying a Chanel chain bag, surmised to say, it is the perfect antithesis to this philosophy. In this shot, Mary-Kate represents the confidence that is the beating heart of a true free spirit,  yet still remaining ever guarded to those on the outside looking in. However, does Chanel’s stylistic paradigm scoff at those who choose to express themselves in a ‘more is more’ approach to accessorising? I have to say, as long as one stays true to themselves and their own convictions, often inadvertently expressed through fashion, then one will always be instyle. Bless.

Mary-Kate Olsen

Cocktail rings and chunky gold bracelets worked back with jeans, hoodie and slick red talons?

love, love, love.
(google images)

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